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Massages have been prevalent since ancient times. They have been a part of many civilizations and today, they are effective therapeutic solutions that are available in every country easily. Essentially, it is a technique of manoeuvring the body’s soft tissues using hands, feet, fingers, forearms, knees, elbows, and even a device.

Generally, this form of therapy is taken for addressing issues like stress and pain. Typically, a massage is performed on your body while you’re lying facing the downside. In some countries, the professionally trained massagers are called therapists and in some, they are called masseur (male) or masseuse (female).

When we dig deeper into the concept of massage, we come across different methods and techniques that are used to soothe the body. Some of them can even be very helpful in recovery.

Here are some relaxing massages that give your body a refreshing treat:-

1. Swedish Message– This full-body massage works perfectly for people who are new to massage or those who want have to deal with stress and pain. It is also perfect for people who are sensitive to touch.

It is performed with a range of techniques that involve passive joint movement techniques, vibrations, tapping, deep circular motions, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart, and kneading.

2. Hot Stone Massage– This is a great option for those who feel muscle pain or stress frequently. Also, you can opt for this message for having a relaxing time. The effect of this massage is quite similar to that of the Swedish counterpart, the only difference is that it is done using stones. It helps in improving blood flow and for alleviating pain as well

3. Aromatherapy Massage– This type of massage is best for people who want holistic mental relaxation. It combines essential oils with gentle pressure which is done on a full body. It uplifts your mood, relieves muscle tension, curtails stress as well as anxiety while abating depression.

4. Deep Tissue Massage– As the name suggests, this form of massage emphasises going deep into the tissue and thus, uses more pressure than its counterparts. It is a great help for people who are dealing with anxiety, muscle pain/tightness, and injury. The therapists apply slow strokes and finger pressure to alleviate tension from connective tissues and muscles.

5. Sports Massage– Another form of massage that makes its purpose and disposition quite clear with its name. It is very helpful for people who are actively indulged in sport have to frequently with injuries. While helping you recover from injuries, it also helps in enhancing performance and flexibility. A therapist may choose to apply soothing strokes or pressure based on your needs.

6. Trigger Point Massage-This type of massage is most suited to people who are trying to recover from injury and severe pain. Simply put, triggers points are specific parts of the body that develop rigidness and cause soreness consequently. Therapists use extensive and flowing strokes while combining them with deep pressure. Though it focuses on specific areas, this massage is done on the entire body.

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