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Dating back as early as fifth-century China, Shiatsu massage practices first arrived in Japan and throughout the years have been altered, updated, and shared with the world. The word Shiatsu is derived from the Japanese words “shi” and “atsu” which translates into “finger (shi) pressure (atsu)”.

Shiatsu massages are safe, rejuvenating, relaxing, and effective. The pressure point concept behind Shiatsu massages is made to be an alternative to acupuncture, especially for those with a fear of needles, machines, or pain. Even people with high levels of pain, muscles strains, pregnancy, or disability can enjoy the revolutionary effects of the popular Shiatsu massage, seeing as it is even now considered alternative medicine. There is nothing better than lying on your massage table and getting a shiatsu massage.

A Healing Therapy That Comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is taught to the people that our core energy (chi), flows through a series of a specific pattern of channels, called “meridians”. It is also taught that a disease of any form is a manifestation of our chi becoming imbalanced in our bodies. Here being a variation of acupressure, Shiatsu Massage works to stimulate and re-balance the energy along these channels or meridians.

Origins Of Shiatsu

Massages that came along with acupuncture and herbalism have been for centuries considered an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, the said techniques into the Japanese regions are known to be preached by a wise Buddhist monk in the early 6th century. After seeing the miraculous effects the Japanese people designed and refined many of its methods to suit their own physiological treatment in the coming years. In particular, they introduced the manual healing and diagnostic arts that involved special techniques of abdominal diagnosis, treatment, and massage, which are used in Shiatsu today.

However, the techniques of this kind of massages were known by the old name of anma (or tuina in China) who became gradually divorced from medicine and more correlated with relaxation and pleasure. Certain practitioners then became worried and concerned to preserve this technique of massages and related approaches as an accepted healing art. The massage table has come a long way since those days, lightweight and padded they are truly built for comfort now.

Shiatsu Massage That Became Worldwide Popular For Encouraging Overall Well-Being

Shiatsu Massage was appreciated by many early massage practitioners who took it upon themselves to develop their own style. Some of the notable practitioners, including Tokojiro Namikoshi and Shizuto Masunaga, also founded schools that helped establish Shiatsus’ popularity as a therapy. Today we can witness that the Shiatsu technique has a number of different styles, philosophical procedures.

Even practitioners around the world are still evolving new approaches to treatment. Some concentrate on acupressure (acupuncture) points, while others emphasize more general work on the body or along the pathways of energy to control the Ki that flows in them. Other methods focus on diagnostic systems, such as the Five Element system however, all are known to be based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The approaches most commonly found in Britain are Zen Shiatsu, Shintai Shiatsu, Barefoot Shiatsu, Five Element Shiatsu, Movement Shiatsu, Healing Shiatsu and Namikoshi Shiatsu.

Get Massages From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Shiatsu massages can be quite lengthy and multiple sessions are recommended. It can thus be quite a costly way to de-stress and relax both the body and mind. However, there are now a number of Shiatsu home massage tables available to buy in Australia. These Shiatsu massage seats also help to relax the body whilst promoting enhanced body function.

With so many different types of Shiatsu Massage Tables available you might be baffled with too many choices but worry no more, we offer affordable Shiatsu Massage Tables for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to buy one today!