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While all the therapies have been created to benefit your body under some specific circumstances, they all come with some caveats too. The same is applicable to massages that are known for providing a range of therapeutic merits to your body.

A massage involves the act of treating or manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments manually. It encompasses an array of moves and stokes that are applied by professionals. While most of them help feel relaxed and energized, some purpose-built massages can expedite recovery from injuries as well. But in some cases, massages can cause an adverse effect on your body as well that’s what we’ll discuss in this piece.

Here’s When You Should Avoid A Massage-

Cuts & Open Wounds

Cuts and open wounds can be worsened by a massage. The manual strokes can agitate those areas and can even cause bleeding. Thus, it is most advisable that you avoid a massage when your body is bearing a vulnerable laceration or bruise.

Varicose Veins

You should avoid getting a massage under this condition as well. The varicose veins can get affected by pressing or rubbing on the skin. Though they are usually found in the legs and we are prone to think that a massage on the back will cause any issues, it is always advised to consult with an expert for massage with this condition.

Broken Bones

Massage can have an impact on your bones as well and that is why you should avoid them during this condition. Even if it is a minor fracture, you should consult with a therapist before getting a massage.


Burnt skin can react adversely to a massage. That’s because it is already going through a healing process that should not be disturbed. Even some gentle strokes could interrupt the recovery of your skin and make the condition worse.

Peculiar Skin Conditions

One might have some particular skin conditions that do not go well with manipulations of massage. It is best for the people affected by such issues to consult with a dermatologist before getting a massage.


Conditions like cold, cough, mild flue and similar infections get worsened with a massage. That’s because the strokes made by therapists cause an increase in blood circulation. Under these specific conditions, the blood flow augments the risk of infection and severity.

Contagious Diseases

If you are affected by any contagious disease then getting massages is a big no. It’s because of a simple reason that your condition can afflict the therapist as well as their other customers. And even if it’s a home call, you’re putting the expert’s health in danger.

Blood Clots

There are serious repercussions of loosening of blood clots which can be spurred by a massage. When this happens, the clot could reach other body parts like the heart, brain or lung. So if you’re affected by this condition, please consult your doctor before getting a massage.


Pregnant women can go for pre-natal or post-natal but it should be only done by someone who has expertise in it. Getting a massage in the first 3 months is very risky and you have to consult your gynae before getting this therapy.

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