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Massage Tables


Portable massage chairs that fold conveniently, allow you to work from anywhere. It provides flexibility for your business model, and your lucky customers. Save money on a store space and take yourself to your clients!

Massage Tables


Skip the middleman. Massage Tables Online source only the best, and competitively priced tables. Without the cost overhead and long shipping times, you can start doing what you love sooner.


The way in which people buy products has changed significantly. Why go into a store and spend hours of your valuable time to pick the perfect product? Come to Massage Tables Direct and have everything you need at your fingertips, fast.

Massage Tables


Keep your clients comfortable. Compared to other massage tables on the market with low support, and frail tables. Here at Massage Tables Direct our products feature specially designed tables for the comfort and support of your clients. Paired with our high-density foam, our high-quality tables will set you apart.

Are you tired of the uncomfortable massage tables in your spa? Does it make you nervous to have guests over because the table is so low that they will be unable to enjoy a comfortable massage? Not all massage tables are created equal but the good news is that better tables are available and affordable!

There are several things you should consider when searching for quality massage tables. Perhaps more important than cost is comfort. Is the table comfortable after long periods of use? Is the padding thick enough to offer a relaxing experience? Are there areas where one can easily lose circulation if pressed against for extended periods? These questions should be answered before making any purchase so that you’re not disappointed later on. At Massage Tables Direct our quality massage tables come with many adjustable heights and have reinforced sturdy frames.

The massage table is an integral part of a massage experience. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your massage tables or invest in new massage tables for the first time, it’s important to make sure that you purchase quality massage tables that won’t break down after months and years of use. Many massage therapists recommended Massage Tables Direct because we have high-quality massage tables at affordable prices.

Massage Tables Direct offers some of the best deals on massage tables online and delivered directly to your door. That’s why Massage Tables Direct is trusted by professional massage therapists and spas across Australia when it comes to finding quality massage tables at affordable prices.

Four things that you should think of when buying massage tables are:-

1. Durability

Over time massage therapists spend a lot of time using their massage tables and that means more wear and tear on the massage table. You want massage tables that will last a long time, without breaking down or needing regular repairs because your massage business can’t afford for you to be out of action for weeks waiting for a repair to be done or a replacement massage table to arrive.

2. Good Massage Surface

You also need massage tables that have a good massage surface as this is where the person receiving the massage lays on. Many people like massage tables with padding on it because lying on the soft padding is very comfortable and helps avoid body aches afterwards. Getting a massage with no padding on the massage surface can feel very uncomfortable.

3. Weight Capacity

It’s best to ensure that you have a massage table that can handle people of all shapes and sizes. At Massage Table Direct our tables have a weight capacity of 250kgs which means that you won’t have to be concerned with your massage table not providing a safe environment for your clients.

4. Portability

If you have a massage business, you will know the importance of having portable tables. Not only are foldable tables essential for making extra space when required but if you ever need to transport your massage table having foldable tables are a must. When you are looking for massage tables at Massage Table Direct you can ensure that all of our massage tables come with the best quality mechanisms so that the massage tables fold and unfold easily.

5. Height Adjustment

The art of massage therapy not only involves manipulation or massage strokes but also using different pressures. The height adjustment on your massage table is an extremely important feature because it allows different pressure to be applied to your client’s body. If your massage table doesn’t have a good adjustable height you will find that applying strong pressure during massage may cause injury to the client if they are unable to handle it.

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